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Welcome   by codezombie on 05-07-2010 01:55:58
 Subject :Interface Enhancements.. 22-04-2012 20:19:22 
Zombie Programmer
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I will be adding several interface enhancements to the next release of Deadly Dungeons.  Namely, I will change from requiring a double top or tap and hold to select creatures, npcs, and items.  Instead, it will require a 'touch up' which means taping on the screen and then releasing.

I have also changed the priority for selections in the game.  Now selections are made based on whatever is in the hit box and closest to the player when trying to select creatures, npcs, and items.

I have been playing through the game with these enhancements, and I feel that it has improved things quite a bit.

For those who are testers, just download the updated version from the test version link.  You should be able to try out the new interface enhancements as I add them.

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