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 Subject :charge spell.. 10-11-2011 06:09:25 
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playing the expansion.

as far as I can tell, it costs no mana.  of course i have mana-regen 4 now, and had that before I took a point in charge.  Maybe it costs so little that I automatically recharge my mana as soon as I cast it?

also, does casting it before you cast a healing spell improve the quality of the heal you get?  I cannot really tell.


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 Subject :Re:charge spell.. 13-11-2011 01:32:03 
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Well, the cost of Charge is in spending a skill point for it. Also, it only affects the next spell cast. No mana cost is necessary for the spell. Otherwise, it would reduce the effectiveness of the spell over using another damage spell. The spell is to provide more damage for the mana cost. The only thing that I should likely add is a cooldown for the spell.
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 Subject :Re:charge spell.. 25-08-2012 04:29:13 
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+1 to the cool down effect... =)
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