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 Subject :Diseases.. 14-11-2011 16:56:46 
Dungeon Dweller
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Hi, this is my first post here. Would like to say that this game is really awesome, credits to you codezombie for a nicely done game!

But to the subject of the topic.
During my gameplay i have noticed something about the diseases that some monsters have.
For example when the zombies or any monster puts simultanously several diseases, they seem to stack and kills my character asap.
Even if my char gets a knockdown the diseases seem to have an duration that keeps on even after a knockdown. It is as if that the diseases are withholding a codescript that keeps it running even after a knockdown on different timers for each disease.
The result of this effect is that a disease can keep on running for more than a minute of gameplay and the only thing you are doing is actually tapping yourself up from knockdowns. If this would have been played in nightmare mode, this save would have been deleted in a blink of an eye without you even had moment to reflect to what had just happend.
The tapping actually kills the gameplay experience, not even the potions can help me from avoiding  a certain death and the spell miracle doesnt really help.

Is this intended or is it a bug?

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 Subject :Re:Diseases.. 15-11-2011 08:08:07 
Dungeon Master
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Hello, and welcome.

Are you sure that it is diseases that are getting you?  Are you playing with verbose mode on -- the menu item says 'verbose On' when it is on, tapping that, confusingly, turns it off.  At one point in time, I thought that I was dying due to diseases, but I now think that it is a combination of zombie spit, which I think poisons you, and ghosts casting fear and drain life, which they do from behind doors and around corners, the rotters. :-)  If this is your problem, scale armour and magic resistant clothes may help, though I am not sure if one fix for this happened in the release or only in the expansion testing version which I am playing now.

I think some work on making poisoning more survivable might be in order.  Some cure poision potions, and a resist poison spell, perhaps?

As a practical matter, I have found that the spell 'growth' is useful when you are poisoned.  Cast a couple of them.  This is because if you cast a normal 'mend wounds', or drink a potion, your hp will be increased, possibly to the max, wasting any extra -- and then the poison does its damage again and again and you are back to where you started.  With the growth spell, you gain some points, possibly getting you to max health, then you loose some due to the poison, and then the growth spell kicks in again and you gain some more, again possibly putting your health to the max, and then the poison kicks in, and so on and so forth.

I'd really like it if there was some way to indicate that you are diseased or poisoned on the screen.  Purhaps turning the red hit points bar yellow for poison?  with spots for disease?  Just thinking out loud here.

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 Subject :Re:Diseases.. 15-11-2011 15:36:48 
Dungeon Dweller
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Well in any case if it isnt the disease it could be the puke. But my concern is actually the damage over time aspect.

My char is lvl 16 with a Mage skill set
HP 270
MP 601
AC 133

STR 10
END 112
AGI 43
MAG 173

Scale magic resistance: 2 points.

The problem is layered out in this way, as far as i know, with the increasing lvl, the mobs damage outcome gets higher by the level you have.
If the damage gets higher, then the damage over time(DOT) spell will get higher aswell.
If the spell is actually still ticking even after a knockdown, then the spell is determined by a strict time limit that has to be in full effect in its whole duration.
What i have seen so far is that the dot:s stacks together. If a single monster puts a dot on me, i will notice that my health bar reduces with a little bit by each third second. I have no idea which duration the dot have, but i can say hypotheticly by all the knockdowns i have recieved, is that they have a duration for maybe 30 secs or even more.

I have no idea for how much the total output is for the dot, but lets assume that it has a total output of 300dmg. Each tick of damage happens every third second and does a damage of 30 dmg

If im gonna put it out in this way.

At any given point you can actually put it out by miracle
30 dmg each third sec, isnt that much.

But when you are affected by 4 different dots by 4 different monsters in a close limit of each other. it will look more like this:
A, B, C, D are the disease that are in motion and each disease stacks onto the dot that were there before.

E=END of DOT with last tick

--A -- B -- C --  D ---------------------------------AE---BE--CE--DE----->

The conclusion of the damage output is that when 4 dots are afflicted on the player, it will tick at 120 damage  for quite some time. The numbers are probably higher than i have put out in my example because i have been in situations when a dot actually takes out 90% of my health bar in a single tick.
I have even spammed with miracle just to get rid of em but it havent helped at all.
By that time my char is already dead because of the monsters surrounding me and practicly attacking me while im concentrating on removing the dots.
There is no impression that the resistance is actually working as it should, because i can't avoid the knockdowns even with miracle or high level potions. The dots are still in motion even after a knockdown.

My point is that the damage output of the dots are too high even if you are a high level character. By looking at the stats of my character the high endurance, magic and even 2 points in scale armor doesnt prevent the dots damage. Even if it does help, then it isnt that much of a help if im still getting killed in such a fast pace.

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 Subject :Re:Diseases.. 17-11-2011 00:33:14 
Zombie Programmer
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Well, puke is not a ranged attack. You have to be right next to the zombie to get hit with it. You should likely keep away from the zombies with those attacks. Though, I should also give visual representation of a dots like poison and puke. Perhaps I could make the health bar green or display an icon for the effect in the top left of the screen.
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 Subject :Re:Diseases.. 12-05-2012 21:20:33 
Brother Charles
Joined: 12-05-2012 21:02:01
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I like the idea of showing a flag or color change scheme for poisoned & diseased conditions. Great game BTW.



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