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 Subject :Death by phone call.. 02-12-2011 16:19:30 
Dungeon Crawler
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While playing on the nightmare difficulty, I got a phone call, and when I hung up and was returned to the game I had been slain by a centaur who wasn't there before the call came in. So, it seems somehow the game wasn't immediately put on pause by the incoming call... (Desire HD) 

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 Subject :Re:Death by phone call.. 06-12-2011 04:32:45 
Zombie Programmer
Joined: 14-06-2010 21:54:27
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That's strange. The game should pause when it goes into the background. I'll look into that.
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 Subject :Re:Death by phone call.. 25-08-2012 04:35:18 
Joined: 25-08-2012 01:31:08
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me too... (any difficulty) device: LG optimus S, running: 2.3

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