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 Deadly Dungeons Forum :: General Discussion
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Welcome   by codezombie on 05-07-2010 01:55:58
 Subject :Newbie question.. 06-12-2011 19:05:47 
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Love this game! I played Wizardry back in the day. Playing on my new Kindle Fire. How many levels are there? I hope hundreds! Thanks for making this game!

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 Subject :Re:Newbie question.. 09-12-2011 00:25:37 
Zombie Programmer
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Well, the areas are randomly generated. Each time you play through the levels change except for boss areas. When you start a new game, the dungeon is scaled to your level with harder creatures and better treasure. There are currently 14 dungeon levels. The first expansion will be available at the end of the month, and that will bring it up to 29 levels.
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