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Welcome   by codezombie on 05-07-2010 01:55:58
 Subject :A review of the game and some tricks/tips!.. 26-12-2011 15:49:12 
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Being new to the Android platform, I was quite excited to see the plethora of RPGs available to the platform.  Many I recognize from iOS, but often I will encounter something completely new.  Deadly Dungeons is one of those games, read on to find out why I think it's a definite gem on this platform!



Having spent a dozen hours with this game and planning to spend a lot more, I just wanted to drop by the forums and post my impressions, as well as any helpful tips I've gathered along the way.

As an old gamer, I've developed some favorites along the way, one of them being RPGs of course.  My other love is the roguelike genre, which basically defines certain elements in a game such as randomized elements (levels, items and enemies) and of course, permadeath, which is optional in this game.

It all started with Nethack on an 8086, and since then I've played almost every roguelike on every platform imaginable, going all the way back from the earliest PCs, the C64, Sega's Gamegear, all consoles in between and even translated japanese roms on a Nintendo DS.  Do I need help?  Most definitely, but we'll save that for another topic.

This is why I'm here now and writing this: I think Deadly Dungeons is a fantastic game and an excellent mix of the two; RPG and roguelike.  This my friends, does not come often!  And I'm happy to report that the developer and others involved in this game have done a tremendous job!  Out of all the Android titles I've played, this is by far my favorite game, and I now know that it will end up claiming countless dozens of hours of my life, due to its replay value, optional difficulty and overall charm.


Graphics, Audio and UI:

Graphically, the game is an absolute gem.  It reminds me of early games that I've played, such as Ultima Underworld; combining 3D dungeons with 2D images for the items, enemies and so forth.  Everything from the dungeon tiles to the enemies and items bring back a touch of nostalgia it all looks great.

I was also instantly mesmerized by the music, the prominent track being one of ambiance and foreboding and I find myself never getting tired of hearing it.  The style and quality remind me of Diablo which is rather impressive and unexpected in an indie title.  The sounds are also great, and you'll come to recognize that certain "crunch" from specific enemies, making your heart race,  specially when they're hitting you from behind!)

I'm also report that as a tablet user, the UI is brilliant.  I don't know how much experience this developer has, but he's built better user interfaces than some of the top rated games I've played on iOS and Android.  It just works, and it makes sense; things you think should be there, are there.  For example, tapping the mini-map brings up the big one, showing you what you've explored so far, with a small arrow showing the player, even which direction you're facing.

You can even navigate with the map open, which makes going from level to level (to access the stores) a breeze.  A green box will show you the stairs to proceed to the next level, and a blue one is to go back.  There are things like auto-sort in the inventory, drag and drop to the quick bar, and other such elements that make playing this game on a touch screen a privilege, not an awkward chore.


Gameplay and features:

The gameplay itself combines real-time and turn based gameplay.  So even if you stop, things keep moving.  Playing around in your inventory does not mean the monsters will sit patiently and wait for you, so be sure to clear the area first.  Once monsters are destroyed, they will not respawn, which in my opinion is perfect for this game.  You clear one floor and move on to the next.  I've seen some complaints about repeating tiles and the dungeons all looking the same, but I don't think these people have played the game for long, because after a few levels, the dungeon tiles will change completely, along with enemies and maze-type.  So no, you won't be stuck in the same cavern as you do when you start!

As you fight enemies, you will level up and gain more attribute points along with a skill point.  You are free to craft whatever class you see fit; you can be a magic wielding bow fighter, or focus on swords and beef up your armor skills to take and give physical punishment.  You can also choose to be purely mage, and focus on magic offensive and regenerative skills.  It's well done, and well balanced.  I'll admit to being defeated rather easily on certain instances, but this only makes me learn and come back for more.

Along the way, you'll run into journal entries.  I highly recommend reading them!  They will give you some back story and also warn you of upcoming boss enemies.

Honestly, I can't find many negatives to give regarding this game, but here are a few things that bugged me.  One, there is no way to delete a character from the main screen.  Another, is that it would be nice to have a somewhat "safe zone" when entering a new level.  Often I will be instantly surrounded right away and killed almost instantly.  It would be nice to have a bit of breathing room when entering a new level.


Conclusion and final thoughts:

In conclusion, I find this to be a fantastic game and it's made me put down all others including new xbox 360 games I've purchased.  Even though I'm running this game on an experimental Android alpha build that isn't even designed for my device, I haven't had a single crash and the game runs flawlessly.  I'm hopelessly addicted, and have become a huge fan of Code_Zombie and his team's work.  I look forward to updates and of course, future projects!

5 out of 5 stars!


As promised, here are some helpful tips:

* Permadeath is handled differently in this game.  While you die and restart, you do so keeping your level, used items and stats.  You start at the stage in the game and all enemies are scaled to your level.  It's brilliant!

* If you find the game difficult, keep in mind you can hit and run; use movement and the already cleared portions of the level to your advantage.

* Some enemies might kill you quick early on - you must learn to not let them hit you!  Use magic or a bow and keep them from closing in!  Learn from your mistakes, do not get disheartened.

* Keep in mind that the agility stat will slow all enemies down, giving you more time in combat to be strategic (i.e. take potions, flee, etc)

* Found a locked door but no keys?  No problem!  Simplly equip a two-handed weapon and bash it down.  Be warned that doing so may alert enemies and sound an alarm!

* If the melee approach isn't doing it for you, use bows.  Beefing up your strength will also increase its damage, and be sure to try out multi-arrow skill!

* Keep an eye on the mini-map!  It will show you enemies in the vicinity allowing you to plan accordingly

* Use the vendors!  Every 5 levels you will have access to one, and his items are random and often very powerful.  If you want to shuffle them, exit and come back to his level!

* Having trouble picking stuff up?  Tap and hold for a second and it will select the item.

Do you have any impressions or corrections for my review?  If so, I encourage you to reply and let me know!  Happy gaming!

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 Subject :Re:A review of the game and some tricks/tips!.. 06-02-2012 04:55:43 
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I've been involved with game development for quite some time.  This is the first game I've released for sale.  I have other things laying around on backup drives that will likely never see the light of day.  One is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) which generates the world as players explore it and also allows players to alter the world around them.

I've also done several small roguelike games that I've never released too.  Also a Tetris game, Asteroids game, and several overhead RPG engines.  I also have several Doom maps, Duke Nukem 3d maps, Warcraft 2 maps, and some unfinished Neverwinter Nights modules too.

I've played plenty of RPG and roguelike games including all of the Elder Scrolls games, the Baldur's Gate series, Diablo I and II, Nethack, ADOM, and Dwarf Fortess.

I also watch many "Let's play" videos where people play through games I never played through.  Watching people play the old games has given me a feel for what made the old games great.

I also consider all the feedback that I receive on the game.  I've read every post, email, comment, and review the game has generated.  Everyone who has played the game and given some sort of feedback has helped improve the game.

It can be a slow process.  Though, I think if I continue to improve things I'll eventually end up with a unique dungeon crawler experience that most people interested in these types of games would enjoy playing.

I really think the older game developers created a fun and interesting gameplay type with first-person dungeon crawlers.  Yet, much of that development has stood still with the introduction of modern gaming.  Though, now that the game market has grown to the size it has, the climate is good for independent developers like myself to dust off these older genres and begin working to improve upon them.

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