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 Subject :A few suggestions.. 26-12-2011 16:16:19 
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Love the game, here are some suggestions:

- a way to see total damage dealt (after strength and skill calculation) and based on wielded weapons, in the stat screen perhaps?  Or a rolling hit number after a strike is dealt to an enemy?

- a way to delete a character from main menu

- an icon that shows you when you have negative status effects (i.e. disease)

- an option to disable double-tap selling or buying in the store

Weapons and armor:

- Just a suggestion too - to have a random chance at finding an upgraded version of the weapons and armor, such as adding prefix/suffix, for example:

"Deadly" prefix - adds 15% to min-max damage

"Flawless" prefix - adds 10-20% armor class value

"Of fire" suffix for weapons - adds 5 fire damage

Ultra-rare skill tomes found on bosses perhaps that grant an extra skill?



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