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 Subject :Moments, critical hit, items sets, ... and other ideas.. 15-03-2012 13:55:08 
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Hi, the game is perfect and has big potential. I played stolen version 1.1.7 because i don´t have a credit card with internet payment available (due to security reasons – I am psychologist working with criminals). But the developer of this game really deserves some money or some help at least, so I made a list of ideas and now I am working on way how to buy a game legally.

Here is some ideas (feel free to ignore them of course) – some of them may be mentioned here.

1)      Damage indicator – damage number pops out when you hit a creature

2)      Specific keys

3)      Sacred chambers – little different texture on wall (like pulled out brick), double click open it like doors

4)      Critical hit – melee attacks definitely needs it, melee is weak now, this is the best way how to make them stronger and more fun. 10% for critical hit (3-5x bigger damage) and then the ability to raise the chance and the damage of critical hit. Percentage can be variable due to weapon (smaller weapon (dagger) = less damage = bigger chance to make critical hit).

5)      Items requirements – you need strength to wear plate and less to scale, you need agility to wear leather, and magic to wear robes (not necessary with robes).  Also big shields need strength (not round ones). This will make the mage little bit less strong (you mentioned its necessary)

6)      Less chaos – game must have scripted levels, random ones looks like chaos. Chests are scattered randomly everywhere, lock doors can be just circumvent. But the scripted levels looks good, lock doors hides chests with items, you can put some room with absolutely different textures which make it looks like something special (special room, with special item or scroll). Thinks should looks like intended, not like chaos.

7)      Stats – players like to see more stats. Like damage dealt, average damage, killed creatures, experience, magic resistance, … I really would like to see some encyclopedia of creatures – someone talk about zoologist ability to find weak points of creatures… I like the idea

8)       Sets – in the inventory is still place for shoes slot, I think it will make game more complex, so one more slot for shoes and maybe one more for belt? And then you can make sets! People love to collect something, so if you wear more items from one set it give you some extra points of stats (more strength. Etc).

9)      Primary stats balance – endurance leveling system must be changed, to motivate every player to spend some points on endurance to have bigger HP during the game.

10)   “Moments” – game definitely needs some special moments, something you can talk about it (or keep it for yourself) with friends. I have many ideas: step on some tile and now everywhere around you are spiders (weak creatures but lot of them – 20+) and you have to break out through them to safety place. Or make level where map not work (from some “moment” – like “the imp stole you a map” – until you find him, you will not have the map)… Some surprising moments…

I hope some ideas helps to make game better. I am sorry for stole the game; I am working on way how to buy the game. Or I can help you as a tester if you still want some. I also have lot of “moments” ideas if you are interested in. Good luck with development I am your fan. I like people who are able to do so good work like this almost on his own, it needs courage.




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