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 Subject :Inventory Bug.. 13-09-2010 16:53:27 
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Are there any level restrictions for items? I was unable to equip some (Great Sword and some axe dealing 1-10 dmg), double tap just didn't work for those, though it did for others.

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 Subject :Re:Inventory Bug.. 14-09-2010 07:37:53 
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The Great Sword, Crescent Axe, and Battle Axe are two-handed weapons. If you have an item occupying the off-hand slot, then it will need to be removed to equip the two-handed weapon. I suppose I can make a check against the inventory to see if there is enough space to unequip both the main and off hand items when attempting to equip two-handed weapons.
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 Subject :Re:Inventory Bug.. 25-01-2011 12:50:47 
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It might also be useful to place a #2 on the image to annotate that it's a 2-handed weapon (Had a heck of a time trying to equip a bow for the same reason)



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