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 Subject :Nightmare Mode.. 21-05-2011 06:19:22 
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I'm working on adding the three different game modes now.  They are as follows:

1. Casual - No death or harsh punishments.  Used to explore the game.

2. Normal - Standard play.  Save your game.  If you get killed, then you die and must load back up.

3. Hardcode - Like Normal, but when you die your save game gets deleted.

I figured all of this really just changes the punishments for deaths to match how the player likes to play.  I kind of feel like there needs to be something extra to really provide a challenge to people.  So I'm also going to add the following:

4. Nightmare - Like hardcore, but creatures are twice as fast, and they respawn after being dead for 2 minutes.  Perhaps the fog in this mode will be reddish too.

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 Subject :Re:Nightmare Mode.. 21-05-2011 15:17:42 
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Are you a Doom game player? ;-) Talking about nightmare mode, it sounds interesting.
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 Subject :Re:Nightmare Mode.. 21-05-2011 22:54:46 
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Heh. Could make loot drop be nothing, but Rotten Cabbage. Only heals about 15 + character's level, but gives -5 to all stats from Food poison.


Maybe that'd make it too hard.

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Hello, I co-write material for Deadly Dungeons.
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