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 Subject :Landscape / Hardware controls / UI changes.. 09-12-2012 17:46:40 
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I love your game and I love the fact that you constantly update it, but I really would like to request a few things:

1- Please allow us to play in landscape mode!

2- Please let us hook up the game commands to hardware keys.

This would really help every user out there with a hardware keyboard, those using gamepads / outputting to the TV and Xperia Play owners like myself.

Also, should you implement that, please let us change the transparency on the UI button overlay as well as allowing us to select which buttons we wish to keep or make them disappear altogether. I, for instance, would most likely kill all buttons since I believe there are enough buttons on my Xperia Play. Oh, supporting the xperia play touchpads (mostly to use them only as extra buttons, but if it's too hard to do it regular hardware key hooks would suffice, I guess) would be great as well.

That's all for now - keep up the great work! This is one of my favorite android games of all time.

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