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Jacob Ensign - Project Lead

Jacob has been a long-time fan of PC and CRPG games.  His favorite games include Nethack, Fallout 1 and 2, System Shock 2, Diablo, Doom, Daggerfall, Duke Nukem 3d, Tomb Raider, and Left 4 Dead.  Initially, he thought he would create a small but unique puzzle game, but after playing around with Android he decided to make a dungeon crawler.  He figured it would be fun to make.  He coordinates development and is the sole programmer for the entire game.


Philip Beal - Designer

Philip is a fan of first-person dungeon crawlers such as the Might and Magic series of games.  He designed a majority of the combat system and creature traits for Deadly Dungeons.  He also designed the static boss areas and dialog.  Lots of great ideas, many of which may take some time to add into Deadly Dungeons as development continues into the future.


Micha Hoeylaerts - Artist

Website -

Micha Hoeylaerts is a talented fantasy artist.  His work is top-notch, and his creature design is phenomenal.  He can take a short description of a creature and turn it into reality.  His texture work is also very impressive.  The quality matches content typically found in AAA titles such as the Warcraft series of games.  If anyone is looking for quality content for their game, then look no futher.


Syama Pedersen - 3d Modeler

Syama Pedersen is an excellent 3d modeler and animator.  He created all of the 3d creature models found in Deadly Dungeons.  His work is impressive, and I would stand behind his ability and commitment to get things done for any project.  It isn't common that a low poly modeler can create great looking models and animations, and make them exactly to spec on the first try.


Martin Lande - Musician

Website -

A famed and award-winning C64 and Amiga game remixer.  He is probably one of the most talented remixers when it comes to creating variations of a tune.  This is very important for game music tracks.  I must say, the music he has created for Deadly Dungeons is sheer genius.  You can find most of his works playing on streaming game remix stations such as the ones at  Sure enough, if it is good, then Mordi probably made it.


Jillian Hurst - Writer

Jillian is a very talented writer and personal friend.  She is a fan of fantasy novels, RPGs, and MMORPGs.  She wrote the short stories that Deadly Dungeon's storyline is based off of.  The difference between the presentation of a game's story and short stories meant that there had to be some translation from one median to another.  Yet, much of the same feeling has been preserved between the original source material and the game's story.

Special thanks to Brian Labbe for providing the md5 loader component.

Special thanks to artists that provided royalty free content and licensed music from sites like PartnersInRhyme,, and