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postheadericon New Features coming to Deadly Dungeons

The Android RPG, Deadly Dungeons was released nearly a month ago, and the title has seen a great deal of success in the Android Marketplace and other Android markets.  Work has begun on a new expansion that is slated for release in July.  This expansion will feature a town that will be used as a central hub for quests and accessing other dungeons.  Also new to the release will be more varied environments including outdoor areas, flooded levels, and other worldly planes.

Enhancements to the current campaign will also be added monthly.  Planned features include journals and tomes that provide more backstory to the game, 3 different game modes, more enhancements to the main menus, changes to the loot system to be more gold-based, locked doors, traps, pick axes that can be used to dig through walls, and branches off of the main dungeon which feature quests and puzzles.

Focus has turned from bug fixing of the initial release to enhancements and expansions.  If anyone has any feature requests or ideas on how to improve the game, then feel free to discuss it in the forum or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .