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postheadericon New Features and OUYA

As one of the Android developers who will be receiving an OUYA in the first run, I will be making sure Deadly Dungeons is available in the OUYA store early on.  There are a couple things that needs to be done to ensure that the game will work well on the OUYA, so this will have me adding several new features to Deadly Dungeons.

Here are the features you can expect in the next month or two:

  1. Landscape Mode - Finally, Deadly Dungeons will be available in landscape mode.
  2. Artifact Weapons/Armor - Ultra rare items with special properties.
  3. Further interface enhancements - Improved spell list, option to delete characters with a bit of safety built in.
  4. Better items found in Hardcore and Nightmare difficulties.  The best items will be max level Nightmare at the final boss.
  5. Bug fixes and some save/death loop prevention.

After those features have been added, I will then focus on adding branching dungeon levels and quests.

I should also point out that I have also been working on some new projects.  I will be developing under the company name Code Zombie Games.  Some of the things I've been working on include a Deadly Dungeons board game, and a game similar to F-Zero and Wipeout.

I have also been working on a multiplayer framework which I plan to use in all of my future titles.

I do plan on making a Deadly Dungeons 2, and that game will be an enhancement on what has currently been done with first person RPGs, and I need to develop some new tech for it.  The first-person RPG has stagnated since there has not been any serious development with the genre.  I intend to change that and build something that is beyond the later Might and Magics, Wizardry games, and an improvement on even new games such as Grimrock.