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postheadericon Deadly Dungeons News

postheadericon Deadly Dungeons Update 2.1.6

I posted an update today.  The notes for the update were as follows:

1. New Artifact Weapons and Armor
2. Powerful Unique Artifact drops from Hardcore and Nightmare difficulty.  Best from Nightmare.
3. Skill slot cycling only displays usable skills.
4. Pressing Use on inventory equipment will now equip it.

There are now artifact weapons which are designated by a purple color.  Artifact weapons have increased damage ranges and artifact armor has more armor.  Stats on the equipment is also increased.

On casual and normal difficulty levels, there is a 10% chance that the item a boss drops will be an artifact item.  On hardcore and nightmare difficulty levels, there is a 50% chance the item a boss drops will be an artifact item.  On top of this, on hardcore and nightmare difficulties bosses drop specific artifact items that are related to them in some way.  Nightmare difficult items are always 2 levels above hardcore mode now.

For example, Grimloc Blackfist will drop the following: Grim Sever, a battle axe; Worg Hide Armor, leather armor; Orcish Shaman Amulet, amulet; and Hand Sever, a hand axe.  These items are artifact items, but they have extra damage, armor, stats etc.  If Grimloc Blackfist drops a Battle Axe that is an artifact, then it will become Grim Sever and get extra stats.  There are a couple artifact items I want to add special properties too, but they are not currently included.  For example, Grim Sever will allow the player to use Berserk without it draining their health.

So, now there is a reason to play hardcore and nightmare beyond a personal challenge.

In the next update, I will add left handed and right handed options for the UI, add special properties to some artifact items, and add some basic achievements.

After that, I will focus on allowing landscape mode for the game, and begin working on the OUYA version.

The OUYA version will contain high resolution textures and such, and I will likely add some extra graphical effects.