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postheadericon Deadly Dungeons News

postheadericon Further Enhancements and The Sequel

Future Enhancements

It seems that I have added most of the features that have been requested since the release of Deadly Dungeons on Android.  For what it is, I think it is a good dungeon crawler.  Still, as time goes on, the capabilities of devices will continue to improve.

I will now start turning my focus on improving the visuals, atmosphere, and other fine details within the game.  Better death sequences, extended shop functionality, artifact system, and various challenge levels are also on the list.

The Sequel

As far as the sequel goes, I'm still planning it out.  It will take a great deal of planning, because my intention is to make one the best first person dungeon crawlers in existence.  I understand that this is an extremely difficult task given the titles that currently hold such a place in people's minds.  I just feel that I'm at the point where I can put such a thing in motion and actually succeed.

I certainly feel the pain that many fans of this genre have felt in the last 10 years.  Many of the mechanics that made these types of games great have disappeared or have been replaced with something that doesn't work quite as well.  It is my intention to pick up where some of the greatest of this genre left off and create a game that perfects the systems that already work well and on some fairly specific parts, pushes past the boundaries of what is currently known.