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Deadly Dungeons will have a large number of creatures with their own attacks and traits.  Knowledge of these creatures will be important in understanding their abilities and the threat they impose.  As players gain in level and play higher difficulty levels, they will be met with increasingly difficult creatures that do more than just hit harder.

One recent and boring aspect of current RPGs is that creatures usually exhibit one of only a handful of behaviors.  Normally, these creatures are weaker than the player, and they often blindly attack in a predictable fashion.  Harder creatures merely hit harder and take more hits to kill.  A player is able to gauge the threat levels of opponents easily and will often be able to anticipate the amount of health they will lose attacking certain creatures.  This results in a repetitious hack-fest that provides the player with little challenge.  Special attacks and unique abilities are usually reserved for bosses.

Deadly Dungeons deviates from this boring combat model by creating several species of each creature type with their own unique attacks.  Examples of attacks include punches, uppercuts, suffocation, paralyzation, suicide bomb, possession, weapon throwing, looting, raising dead, consuming dead, webbing, and skin rot,  Currently, there are over 60 unique ways a creature can attack a player, and we plan on extending this even further.  Creatures' combat abilities can compliment each other.  Different groupings of creatures provide new challenges for the player to overcome.

Deadly Dungeons has been influenced by many different combat systems as the developers and designers are avid RPG gamers. Our focus has been on creating a system that feels natural and places emphasis on strategy and fun.