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postheadericon Deadly Dungeons News

postheadericon Deadly Dungeons Update 2.1.6

I posted an update today.  The notes for the update were as follows:

1. New Artifact Weapons and Armor
2. Powerful Unique Artifact drops from Hardcore and Nightmare difficulty.  Best from Nightmare.
3. Skill slot cycling only displays usable skills.
4. Pressing Use on inventory equipment will now equip it.

There are now artifact weapons which are designated by a purple color.  Artifact weapons have increased damage ranges and artifact armor has more armor.  Stats on the equipment is also increased.

On casual and normal difficulty levels, there is a 10% chance that the item a boss drops will be an artifact item.  On hardcore and nightmare difficulty levels, there is a 50% chance the item a boss drops will be an artifact item.  On top of this, on hardcore and nightmare difficulties bosses drop specific artifact items that are related to them in some way.  Nightmare difficult items are always 2 levels above hardcore mode now.

For example, Grimloc Blackfist will drop the following: Grim Sever, a battle axe; Worg Hide Armor, leather armor; Orcish Shaman Amulet, amulet; and Hand Sever, a hand axe.  These items are artifact items, but they have extra damage, armor, stats etc.  If Grimloc Blackfist drops a Battle Axe that is an artifact, then it will become Grim Sever and get extra stats.  There are a couple artifact items I want to add special properties too, but they are not currently included.  For example, Grim Sever will allow the player to use Berserk without it draining their health.

So, now there is a reason to play hardcore and nightmare beyond a personal challenge.

In the next update, I will add left handed and right handed options for the UI, add special properties to some artifact items, and add some basic achievements.

After that, I will focus on allowing landscape mode for the game, and begin working on the OUYA version.

The OUYA version will contain high resolution textures and such, and I will likely add some extra graphical effects.


postheadericon New Features and OUYA

As one of the Android developers who will be receiving an OUYA in the first run, I will be making sure Deadly Dungeons is available in the OUYA store early on.  There are a couple things that needs to be done to ensure that the game will work well on the OUYA, so this will have me adding several new features to Deadly Dungeons.

Here are the features you can expect in the next month or two:

  1. Landscape Mode - Finally, Deadly Dungeons will be available in landscape mode.
  2. Artifact Weapons/Armor - Ultra rare items with special properties.
  3. Further interface enhancements - Improved spell list, option to delete characters with a bit of safety built in.
  4. Better items found in Hardcore and Nightmare difficulties.  The best items will be max level Nightmare at the final boss.
  5. Bug fixes and some save/death loop prevention.

After those features have been added, I will then focus on adding branching dungeon levels and quests.

I should also point out that I have also been working on some new projects.  I will be developing under the company name Code Zombie Games.  Some of the things I've been working on include a Deadly Dungeons board game, and a game similar to F-Zero and Wipeout.

I have also been working on a multiplayer framework which I plan to use in all of my future titles.

I do plan on making a Deadly Dungeons 2, and that game will be an enhancement on what has currently been done with first person RPGs, and I need to develop some new tech for it.  The first-person RPG has stagnated since there has not been any serious development with the genre.  I intend to change that and build something that is beyond the later Might and Magics, Wizardry games, and an improvement on even new games such as Grimrock.


postheadericon 3d Models Now Included

Deadly Dungeons Android RPG 2.1.3 has been released.  This update includes new 3d models and animations for all creatures and characters.  Syama Pedersen is the 3d modeler who created the new models.  I believe he has done a terrific job.

Due to the new 3d models, Deadly Dungeons will now require a faster phone in order to play smoothly.  From what I see on Google Play, a large number of people already have devices capable of playing Deadly Dungeons smoothly.  Hopefully this isn't too much of an inconvenience on players.  I am dedicated to continually updating Deadly Dungeons with new content, gameplay refinements, and graphical enhancements.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how to improve Deadly Dungeons, then feel free to post them in the forums.  I always look through the forums for new features to add to Deadly Dungeons.

The next update will include many of the interface enhancements people have been requesting.  I may add in a couple artifact items too.


postheadericon New 3d Models

Deadly Dungeons will be receiving a graphics update that includes animated 3d models.  The update should be ready in about 2 weeks from the day of this post.  This update will increase the requirements for running Deadly Dungeons smoothly.  Most android devices produced in the last 2 years should be able to handle the improved graphics.  Earlier devices may have trouble, but the effect would be that the game runs slower.

After that update, I will do some improvements to the spell slots and also the configuration menus in the game.

If you would like to test Deadly Dungeons with the new 3d content, then send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let me know.



postheadericon Expansion Released!

The expansion for Deadly Dungeons has been released and will soon be available for both Android Marketplace and Amazon App Store.  This update increases the size of Deadly Dungeons considerably.  More interesting fights, cool new mazes, new bosses, extended story, and new female characters.  Thanks goes out to all those who have assisted in testing Deadly Dungeons.

Future updates to Deadly Dungeons will include more interface enhancements, artifact weapons and armor, branched dungeons, traps, more potions, and many requests that have been made in the forum.  The game keeps getting better and better as time goes on, and I will continue to work on it to ensure it is the best dungeon crawler available on Android.