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Welcome   by codezombie on 05-07-2010 01:55:58
 Subject :Unstable Gaseous Ball Automatic Death Problem.. 30-11-2012 19:52:08 
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My level 25 character gets killed by Unstable Gaseous Balls immediately. I think it's poison damage, not magic damage - how do you protect against that. I've been trying to beef up my endurance stats and items. Here are my current stats: STR 26 END 168 AGI 156 MAG 159. Doesn't matter if I'm on Hardcore or Nightmare, if it get's me before I get it, I'm dead automatically. Is it just a HP thing? I've got 754 HP now.  It's ironic that I can go up against bosses and take big hits, but these little pukes kill me so easily.


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 Subject :Re:Unstable Gaseous Ball Automatic Death Problem.. 01-12-2012 18:24:18 
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There are some creatures that have high damage attacks at higher levels. Those attacks are often melee attacks. Pick them off using a ranged attack.
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