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 Deadly Dungeons Forum :: Feature Requests
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 Subject :the story.. 29-11-2011 02:56:11 
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a way to read back over the story/ journals ect that you find. i feel i got the gist of the story, but at the end would like to prehaps read over it again.  otherwise it becomes hack/slash for me .


I find that i am not fast enough to read the short dialog between lvls before my tablet loads the lvl.


maybe a skip or continue the adventure key?


great game looking forward to the xpac.

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 Subject :Re:the story.. 06-12-2011 04:31:48 
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I was thinking of showing it on the screen after the player loads into the level. Just to ensure that the player has at least 10 seconds to read over everything. If the loading takes a long time, like on slower phones, then nothing will be displayed in the level.
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