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 Subject :A long, rambling list of stuff.. 12-07-2012 17:15:30 
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First of all, I just wanted to say that Deadly Dungeons is by far my favorite Android Game, and easily the best dollar I've ever spent, so thanks!

Congrats on the new 3d models, they look terrific! Unfortunately for me, they also make the game slow down considerably. I'm on a lower end phone (Galaxy Prevail), so I guess this is to be expected. Is there any way to make 2d/3d graphics an option? I know it would probably be a pain to support two different asset sets, but it would greatly help those of us with crap phones!

It seems that I am constantly fighting with the inventory UI. When I want to drag and item to my hotbar, it wants to scroll left/right. When I want to double tap an item, it wants to scroll left/right. I think it hates me.

I haven't started a new character since the latest update, but I know there were a few difficulty spikes that could be ironed out. The first for me was after entering the second room in the game and getting one-shotted after about a second just standing there. I died about 5 or 6 times like that and was starting to get frustrated before I decided to just run away. It worked, and I was able to go on to enjoy the game, but this may be a barrier to new players. The second difficulty spike was on level 15 (of course). The swamp hydra is a fierce and menacing opponent, but getting sandwiched between two of them while a phoenix attacks from offscreen just sucks. Maybe spread things out and let the player get used to these new monsters? I haven't been having as much trouble on level 16, which I started after the update, so maybe you've already addressed this.

I know you've said on this forum that disabling the autosave after leaving a level would be impossible, but having to restart your character because you accidentally went into a door while poisoned is terrible. Maybe you could do a check to see if the player died < 1 second after loading the game, and if they are stuck in a death cycle fix it in some way? Or what about having a safe room every 5 levels and when the player dies, they reappear there? That way they would have to fight their way back down through respawned rooms, but wouldn't be permanently screwed by the save system.

Maybe it's because I have big hands, but I find the movement buttons to be a little cramped at times, and often end up turning when I wanted to go forward. I would love a UI where the movement buttons are spread out along the edges of the screen. For example, to move forward, you would tap the top center portion of the screen, bottom center to move backward, middle left/right to side step, and I guess turning could be in the top corners.

The text on the character screen can be hard to read once you get to level 15 and it is on top of a bright green sky. I would rather have an opaque window cover most of the screen instead (leave the health bar visible so the player can see if they're getting attacked with the screen open), with maybe tabs for character (view stats and status effects), spell book (view spells and assign them to magic buttons), Map, Skills (show current skill levels w/ descriptions), and whatever else you'd want to put on there.

IMO, the dungeon could be a bit more interesting. You've got the monsters, how about traps, puzzles and other interactive elements? A simple crafting system (herb a + herb b = potion c) would be fantastic, and could be fueled by in-dungeon resource points.

Thanks for taking the time to read my overly long and demanding post, and thanks again for creating such a great game, and all the awesome updates. Keep up the good work!

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 Subject :Re:A long, rambling list of stuff.. 13-07-2012 06:24:40 
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I understand that the 3d models can slow the game down in several places for slower phones.  A majority of the current generation devices and nearly all of the future Android devices will be capable of playing Deadly Dungeons well.  I'll see what I can do to improve performance so it runs better on slower machines.  Today I decreased the level loading time by half.  There may be something I can do to speed up model rendering.

I need to stay competitive with current titles.  At some point, I will also update the look of the levels.  I implemented everything separately in the code, so changing out graphics for the level will actually have no effect on the game.  I'm trying to do these things when I feel that a majority of people have the devices capable of running the game well.

What I'm trying to do with Deadly Dungeons is develop it as a long-term project much like Nethack.  I will keep adding features, refining existing aspects, and make the game better and better over time.

There are a couple points here that I plan to implement such as the more roguelike elements of traps, puzzles, and other interactive elements.  I am also focusing on interface enhancements and will be adding things like a landscape view.

Thanks for the feedback.

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