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 Deadly Dungeons Forum :: Feature Requests
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 Subject :A few things.. 22-07-2012 13:12:10 
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What you guys have done on a smartphone is great. I know there has to be some kind of limit to what can be done. But, here goes anyway.

The items are generic. It would be niced to see some unique items. Drain health, crit., flame dam. or prot... Maybe from a special monster or quest.  Unique name.

I read somewhere about branching dungeons. Maybe a side branch that led to a side level with unique boss and item.

Add some new skills and a new interface to set them up.

And don't forget about the high level char. we have saved.

Hope I didn't repeat anything from the other posts.

Great job guys.

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 Subject :Re:A few things.. 03-08-2012 12:29:25 
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But I don't like using smart phones and applications on it a lot and prefer doing things on my desktop or laptop.

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