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 Subject :A Few Things..... 04-05-2011 19:25:48 
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I Am considering Purchasing This Game,But A Few Things Are Stopping Me.While I Have played the Demo,And Enjoyed It,It Has Some Problems.Firstly,The Difficulty In The Opening Stage Seems A Little Off.I Am No Stranger 2 RPGs,Yet I Died Multiple Times In The Second Level Of The Caverns.Being Knocked down By An Overpowered Creature,Who Takes 10 Strikes 2 Put Down,At The Beginning Of The Game Is Discouraging 2 Say The Least.Secondly,A Lack Of Mana Potion Drops Makes A Paladins Life Very Difficult,Lol.I Went Through 4 Levels,And Found 2 Mana Potions.The Engine,And Music Is Remarkable.You & Your Friends Did An Amazing Job On This.I Just Wish You would Post A Guide,And Make The Game A Little More User Friendly.Thank You.

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