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Welcome   by codezombie on 05-07-2010 01:55:58
 Subject :Lady Evangelin -- what a tough monster.. 12-11-2011 09:14:48 
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My magician characters had no idea.  Poor old Skiöldpaddan Knight is trying to whack her to pieces, and it is not going well.  The only approach is to whack her a few times, run away, heal if she cast lighting on you, come back, repeat.  It is a good thing, though entirely 'unrealistic' -- for values of realism which accept whacking undead magic using zombies in the first place :-) -- that she cannot heal, unless that's a zombie race property.

stats:,str 35, end 55, agi 58, magic 15  (in clothes)

How are the rest of you killing her?  with magic?

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 Subject :Re:Lady Evangelin -- what a tough monster.. 12-11-2011 21:40:41 
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Stat distribution effects how strong certain monsters are against the player. Specializing in one area might make it easy to kill some creatures, but it will also make it harder to kill some others.

I try to keep away from making all creatures the same difficulty for each build. Games that do that (like Torchlight for instance) make all the creatures seem a bit generic. Creatures may look different, but they all go down just as easily.  That makes the game extremely boring to play.

I would rather have the player go, "Oh shit it is..." with various builds.

Keeps the adrenaline up, and I think that's part of the fun.

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