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 Subject :Hints about keys, abilities effects and max abilitiy level.. 22-02-2012 09:00:58 
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Hi guys,

First of all I would like to thank you for bringing me back to 90s. :) Great game and great work!

I got stuck on level 12 without keys and was ready to ask for help here. But then realized that goblin merchant might sell keys. :) It would be nice to let user know about it right from the start.

Also I didn't have exact info about ability effect and max level of ability, so I've added 4 points to Health Regeneration not knowing about my profit from it. I found some explanations in Guide section of the Site but it would be much better to read about abilities right in the game. :)

Is there any way to read about my abilities not only on level up?

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 Subject :Re:Hints about keys, abilities effects and max abilitiy level.. 23-02-2012 03:57:11 
Zombie Programmer
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No, there is no place in the game to read about abilities. Though, I guess the best thing to do would be to display the skill by itself after the player selects it for level up. Then, provide more detailed information for what the skill does at that point. I'll put this on the list of improvements I'll be working on.
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 Subject :Re:Hints about keys, abilities effects and max abilitiy level.. 02-03-2012 02:30:03 
Dungeon Master
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Not having descriptions makes the game harder to approach by the casual smartphone user. Letting them know more specifics of what it six before the skill point is irrevocably spent would help as well as also having a shout out to the game guide on this website somewhere in game.
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 Subject :Re:Hints about keys, abilities effects and max abilitiy level.. 15-03-2012 15:02:06 
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Agree, game need direct link to Guide on this website, but the guide must be improved a bit (maybe with the article about skills, abilities and spells included). Also link to this website at all can be helpful.
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