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 Subject :Grimoire.. 01-02-2011 14:28:33 
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Sent via e-mail as well, posted here for other thoughts...

Consider adding a “grimoire” where all encountered enemies are tallied. Maybe, the more you fight a particular enemy, the more information you collect such as overall HP and attacks, weaknesses against certain weapons or spells, etc. For example, the first time you meet a rat you get an entry on the rat that includes a picture. After beating 10 rats, you find they have an average of 5 HP, after you beat 25 rats you learn they have a weakness against blunt objects (such as a staff). Etc.

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 Subject :Re:Grimoire.. 08-04-2011 17:26:05 
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I like that idea.  That would also give a reason to specialize in multiple weapon types and attacks too.  I don't think I will be able to get it in for the initial release, but I'll go ahead and plan on adding it to a subsequent one.

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