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 Subject :Character customization, perks, pets and more!.. 11-07-2012 18:42:13 
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It would be really cool to have more characters customization options, such as different skills to pick from and level as well as perks that you gain every few levels. Also a more detailed magic system would be cool, and could evolve around this same skill based system also allowing different schools of magic.

Regarding the above, one possible way you could to the starting skills and attributes could be to have positive and negative perks to pick from. Picking negative perks/traits would give you disadvantages of course, but would also give you more skill points which would depend on how severe the disadvantage is.

A pause button would also be cool.

The need to eat food (maybe just in hardcore mode?).

Something else I think would be neat (its possible this exists already, but I haven't seen it yet) is some levels that have large ceiling or different scenery to mix up the surroundings a little. Completely surprising locations like an underground river with a pirate ship and pirates, or a space ship that will take you to the moon level. I'm a big fan of rare events such as these in game, I think they add a lot to the experience.

A random type of pet that you may randomly happen across in the dungeon would be cool also, especially in hardcore mode, I'd be attached for sure!

Random wacky NPC's that you may meet every once in a while, or just super random, very rare events that (as I mentioned earlier) that offer some kind of penalty or reward (if you didn't guess already, I'm a big fan of Nethack lol!)

Just some of my thoughts. But don't get the wrong idea!! I love this game already, just some stuff I'd love to see that I think would make your game unforgettable!

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