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 Deadly Dungeons Forum :: Feature Requests
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 Subject :My ten cents..... 11-05-2011 07:07:22 
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I've been playing the Lite version of the game for a couple of days and just recently bought the full version. I really like it, and I particularly like the fact that you are interested in player input to improve it! Kudos to you for that!

Maybe some of my suggestions are already included later on in the full version of the game... In that case, feel free to ignore them. ;-)

Maybe magical items should reveal it's true magic right away but rather just "glow" magically? Maybe you need a scroll to identify the magic, or have the vendor id your items? Maybe wearing an unidentified item only reveals ONE of the magical stats? That way you could also have cursed items that lowers stats and are impossible to remove if worn - until the curse can be dispelled?

Maybe there are critters with a poisonous bite or enemies with poisonous weapons crawling around in the lower levels? If the player is hit, there is a chance (based on Constitution) that he is posioned. If he's poisoned the Health bar typically turns green and he looses a small amount of HP every few seconds. The posion wears off in time and can be cured by an antidote potion. You can also play around with poison levels: Some creatures have a stronger poison, or you get "more" poisoned if struck twice by a poisonous weapon... Maybe the vendor can cure poison for free if the player is out of cash and has no antidote potions?
Of course th player should be able to posion HIS weapon as well, but the poison only lasts for a limited number of hits or a limited amount of time...

Maybe some creatures are are diseased? If fighting with a diseased foe, there is a small chance (also based on Constitution) that the disease spreads. Disease typically works a bit different than posion: Rather than loosing HP, disease causes lowered stats. Also, disease doesnt wear off in time but needs to be cured by a (fairly rare) potion or by having the vendor heal you. If you incorporate a stat requirement for items, disease can typically make it impossible to wear that facy armour or wield that axe-of-fersome-bashing...

Maybe my weapon and armour gets worn after fighting a large number of enemies? And maybe the wear and tear is worse if fighting specific foes with specific weapons. You know, enemies made of stone causes more wear to edged weapons and so on. The wear and tear causes weapons to do less damage and armour protection to decrease. Weapons and armour can be repaired at the vendor - this would increase the importance of the vendor in higher player levels - and it would also make you switch weapons when fighting diffrent foes.

You can always throw in some treasure that has no real purpose other than being sold and taking up inventory slots. Like precious stones, rings without stats and such.

Add a page in the player stats that shows not only stats, but also the skills and abilities and spells learned. And possibly what you would gain if you increase for instance "Swords" from 2 to 3...

Now there are only two kinds of potions - healing and mana. And Potion of antidote when you have incorprated "poison" as per requested above. ;-) But I'd also like "combat potions" that gives a temporary boost in a stat. Typically to be gulped down before you encounter an end-of-level-boss, and possibly mutally exclusive: The +agility potions nullifys the +strength potions you drank just seconds ago...?

How about adding some more skills? Off the top of my head I'd like to be able to repair my equiment (Repair), make new armour or weapons (Blacksmith), brew potions (Alchemy), create traps (Hunting), find out animals' weak spots (Zoology). Of course, most of this also requires a whole set of new "ingredients" that can be used when using a skill. Possibly finding herbs (Herbalism), mining ore (Mining), getting leather and stuff from fallen foes (Zoology?)...
Mining could easily be incorporated into the "pickaxe" feature I saw requested earlier.

That's all for now, and it's just friendly suggestions: Feel free to ignore any and all of them.
Even if you drop all of my suggestions like a cursed dagger it's still a good game.

/ Gonthrax

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 Subject :Re:My ten cents..... 12-05-2011 05:58:11 
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These are all really good ideas.  Some creatures do poison and cause disease, but they are temporary effects.  Poison is a DOT effect, and Disease halves all of the player's physical stats.

Games like this usually do have some sort of crafting system that is used to create special items.  I should probably consider creating one too.  It could be as easy as having a couple slots to place items in to transform them into another item.

The idea for Zoology that I liked is that if you fight a particular creature enough times, you learn some of its weaknesses or critical points so that you can do more damage or defend against certain attacks better.

Weapon damage would be nice.  Hmm, I could even add in the dreaded rust monster or acid blob.

I do have to watch out for making things too nasty though.  Not all players like the type of punishment that sometimes come with a roguelike.  A player should be able to counter most things in the game and should die mainly when they are unprepared.

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