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 Subject :For a more awesome game.. 11-06-2011 17:28:33 
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First of all: Awesome game! I'm looking forward to the next update. Sounds really good.

Here are some suggestions that could make the game more awesome:

1. Shielding Spells: Some monsters have very strong attacks. Especially the magic attacks can be totally devastating, because you can't really evade them. More options for protecting yourself against such attacks would be good. Here are some ideas for additional skills:

- Mana Defense: While active, a fraction of the damage is absorbed by mana instead of health. For example 20% of damange per skill level goes to your MPs instead of your HPs.

- Magic Shield: Absorbs a fixed maximum amount of damage of the next enemy attack (perhaps 0.5*magic*skill level). Afterwards you have to cast the spell again to get this kind of protection.

- Reflect Magic: Creates a magical shield that, while active, has a certain chance to reflect magic attacks back to the attacker (without taking any damage to yourself).

- Illusion: Creates illusions that make it harder to hit you while the spell is active (chance to evade 15% per skill level or something like that).

2. Rare Items: There are only normal and magical items in the game now. Rare items with extra strong magical attributes would make the game more interesting. Also, the shop could always have 1-2 rare items which are especially expensive, so that you need to collect a lot of gold.

3. Weapon enchanting: Some items - gems, runes, or scrolls for example - could add one additional magical attribute to a weapon (something like elemental damage or health or mana leech).

4. Elite monsters which are a bit stronger than the normal versions of monsters but have a higher chance to drop rare and valuable items.

5. Staffs should amplify magical damage by default, depending on their damage level.

6. Flasks with poison, explosives, or some other effect (blindness, slowing, weakness (damage or magic decrease), increased susceptibility to damage)  which can be thrown (they could be handled like normal potions).

7. Potions of haste (or coffee) which increase your attack speed.

8. Rare potions which increase your attributes.

9. Completing some quests (like defeating end bosses) could grant you one more additional skill point.

10. Relatively rare elite items which aren't magical, but more powerful than normal items. (Perhaps even add rare elite items.)

11. Different battle modes: Normal, aggressive (do more damage, but also take more damage), and defensive (take less damage, but also do less damage).

12. Add a screen with your current stats like exact amount of damage you deal (with your normal and magic attacks), magic resistance, attack speed, and so on.

13. Rare full health/mana potions.

14. Perhaps divide skills into passive skills and active skills and get one active and one passive skill point when leveling up.

15. Critical hits which stun your enemy for some seconds (like some monster attacks do).


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