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Welcome   by codezombie on 05-07-2010 01:55:58
 Subject :Version 2.0.5.. 21-04-2012 06:36:36 
Zombie Programmer
Joined: 14-06-2010 21:54:27
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I have updated the game to version 2.0.5.  Here is a list of the changes:

1. Fixed graphics glitches with Samsung devices.

2. Several new potions including invisibility, haste, stat potions, cure poison, cure disease, etc.

3. Bosses now drop improved rare magic items.

4. Enhancements to melee weapons and melee weapon skills.

5. Players can now duel wield shields.

The next release will add special artifact weapons.  These weapons will have unique abilities.  I will also increase the soft level cap.

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 Subject :Re:Version 2.0.5.. 04-05-2012 20:04:03 
Dungeon Crawler
Joined: 12-10-2011 20:44:46
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The new rare item drops have indeed added a valuable dimension to the game, and the improvements to the interface are great – I especially appreciate that it’s possible to move/use spells/weapons even though an item is targeted for pick up.

I think it’s a good idea to change the ending, e.g., as suggested, to put up a portal to go through. Now, when I kill the tentacled horror, it’s not more than a second before I go to end credits, a bit sad to just be able to see the monster drop some stuff and not having time to pick them up…

One thing that I think has been up before, which is not expansion specific, is the distribution of the spell buttons. With my current character, after adding a couple of spells to my abilities, I’m no longer able to have the spells I want to be able to use most, in the quick access spots. I think it could be worth considering that it could be possible to allocate the spells freely, rather than according to a specific order. Another option could be that all spells are up at the same time, but maybe it will be too cluttered as the abilities repertoire grows…

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 Subject :Re:Version 2.0.5.. 18-05-2012 19:44:43 
Dungeon Crawler
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I agree about the ending. Kinda kills the moment to instantly pop to credits. I also posted about spells in the feature request portion of the fourm.
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