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 Subject :probably old: items in doorways.. 05-04-2011 07:37:18 
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This was probably the same in the 0.82 beta as well. Anyway, it's difficult to pick up items that are dropped in doorways.

Double-tapping them simply closes the door instead.

Sometimes it's possible to get at them by standing in the doorway and looking down (using the touch free-look thingy) and tapping all over the place.


tested device: Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2)


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 Subject :Re:probably old: items in doorways.. 08-04-2011 17:19:35 
Zombie Programmer
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There is an alternative way to select items and that is to touch and hold.  This makes it easy to pick them up when in a doorway since doors only open with double tap.  There have been plenty of people that have found difficult with this though, so I think I'll reduce the hitbox of the doors so that items on the ground can be selected easier.

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