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 Subject :selecting.. 25-01-2011 08:19:29 
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I don't know if I'm imagining this, or not, but it feels as though it is required to tap slightly above the item you want to select. By slightly I mean perhaps 3-5 mm above the center of the item.

Might be only when trying to pick up items from the ground. Not e.g. in the inventory.


tested device: Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.2.



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 Subject :Re:selecting.. 28-01-2011 16:05:29 
Dungeon Lord
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Movement and attack buttons appear OK, but you are correct, dragging Healing potions to the 4 item boxes appear to be offset by almost the diagonal size of the item boxes, (down and to the right)

And when dragging Potions from inventory to these 4 quick-buttons is very problematic because you really can't see them.




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 Subject :Re:selecting.. 01-02-2011 18:34:33 
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I've also noticed this. It gets very difficult to pick up items at times, especially when they are near a door. Is there anyway to bring items to the front (in front of all other textures)? Thanks!
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