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 Subject :Target preventing me from attacking a door... 29-01-2012 10:40:02 
Dungeon Dweller
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Say theres a monster behind the door. As its been reported by other players you can aquaire a target through the door. Well if the doors locked and you dont have a key you cant bash it while a monster is targeted. Even if you leave that monster and go some where else while the monsters targeted you still cant bash the door to break it until you lose the target.


Unless Im just doing something wrong that is.



Edit - So I had a mob walk through some doors and he constantly went back and forth. I couldnt attack him and I could select the door to attack it or open it. Ive found that saving the game and reloading helps to clear targets so thats a temporary work around but its still rather annoying.I was also able to select a mob through 2 doors on level 13. Both doors were locked.

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 Subject :Re:Target preventing me from attacking a door... 05-02-2012 17:33:58 
Zombie Programmer
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Nah, you aren't doing anything wrong.  The targeting system needs some extra rules and checks applied to it in order to prevent things like that from occurring.

I'll be sending out the final test next weekend.  I will likely release the expansion the week after that.  I just have to make sure the game can be completed from start to finish.

Once I have the expansion released, I'm going to be addressing some outstanding issues and add some features that have been requested over time.

I've been thinking of a good way to cancel a target.  Since the name is centered in the top portion of the screen, out of the way for most input the player is going to do, perhaps I can allow the player to tap on the name of the creature to untarget it.

Also, I'm going to differentiate between auto targets and focused targets.  Auto targets will switch if the creature can no longer be attacked from the player's current location.  Focused targets will be maintained even if they cannot be hit from the player's current location, and the player will receive a message that the creature "cannot be attacked from here".

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