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 Subject :Gender Confusion.. 29-02-2012 17:02:41 
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With the expansion out along with all of the other recent changes, I deleted all of my old characters to start a new round of playtest from scratch.  As I've done in the past, I plan to run a mage and an archer in parallel in order to compare & contrast.

When I created my archer, I selected the rightmost portrait on the top row, which to me looks like a man (or elf) with long hair.  My understanding is that all of the portraits on the top row are male and all of the portraits on the bottom row are female, but when the intro text for the first level came up (describing how the traveler fell in and out of consciousness), it used female pronouns.  Is this portrait intended to be female, or was is this a bug?

Samsung Droid Charge running the latest version InfinityROM with the accompanying kernel.

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 Subject :Re:Gender Confusion.. 29-02-2012 21:55:50 
Zombie Programmer
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It is a bug, when looking at the portrait number, I did a < instead of <=. I'll fix this in the next update this weekend.
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