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 Subject :Few Nitpicks?.. 10-07-2012 06:27:20 
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OS: ICS 4.0.4

Phone: Droid Razor Maxx, Verizon


Hello! I saw the new update for this game and it was awesome! It truly makes the game come to life. 3D models are great. =)


Just a few nitpicks:


1. When you first start the game and you talk to the merchant, a cheery song starts to play.


I like that, but it also overlaps with the dreary main theme while in the dungeon, which makes it sound odd.


2. Occasionally when I'm fighting, I can't seem to attack or clicks won't register to use potions, etc. Is there a cool down or something I am not aware of...? I know attacks need a cool down b/c it grays out, etc.


3. One hit kills?


STR 40

END 39

AGI 30

MAG 13


I am not sure if that is a crit or my build sucks (mainly a warrior type with a high health and attack, with some defense) but even a large rat can sometimes one-hit KO me.


Random question: Are there more than one merchant or is there only one in the entire game? I know I haven't played it much y et, but I'm curious.

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 Subject :Re:Few Nitpicks?.. 10-07-2012 09:48:27 
Zombie Programmer
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1. I'll see what I can do to improve the overlapping.  I found that cutting the background music out completely is too harsh of a change.  Perhaps I can fade out or drop the audio down to about 10-15%.

2. You are likely stunned or paralyzed.  One of the interface enhancements will be to add status icons for certain effects.

3. Your stats are good for physical defense, but you are likely lacking sufficient magical defense.  You can find magic resistance gear to help with this.  Having high END and MAG also helps.

Zebo can teleport around freely.  You will see him in several spots throughout the game.

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