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 Subject :Inventory move bug.. 17-04-2011 02:45:19 
Dungeon Lord
Joined: 25-01-2011 12:31:44
Posts: 20

I was able to duplicate items in inventory when attempting to move them to the left.

It may be better to give us a re-sort button so we can arrange inventory after leaving the merchant.




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 Subject :Re:Inventory move bug.. 20-04-2011 01:28:57 
Zombie Programmer
Joined: 14-06-2010 21:54:27
Posts: 345

Yes, I found this issue before I released the game.  Ids were not being updated when loading the game, so items would share the same id and weird stuff would start to happen.  This should be fixed now.  I also added a sort inventory button to the release.

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