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 Subject :Doors and targets.. 04-06-2011 22:06:54 
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DD: 1.09

Android: 2.2.2

Motorola Atrix


First of all absolutely fantastic game. It is tons of fun to play, and has HUGE potential for growth with expansions. I personally know how hard it is to get to a 1.0 release with software so hats off to you good sir.


Problem: Cannot acquire new target after not completely killing an enemy.

Status: Intermittent

Steps to Reproduce (when it does occur)

1. I attack enemy A several times but don't kill it

2. I turn and move several tiles in the opposite direction towards enemy B.

3. Facing enemy B should cause the red target selector to update with the enemy that is in front of me, but it doesn't. (The enemy text at the top still shows enemy A's name as well).

4. I can not, no matter what, attack enemy B. The attack icon is not greyed, and it shows it as being a valid option.

5. Leaving the floor fixes the problem, as does killing enemy A.

I'm not sure how the targeting is implemented but as a player I assume that once I no longer have a line of sight to my target, walking over to another target should automatically be updating who I want to attack.


Problem: Identify enemy on other side of door without the door being open.

Status: Intermittent

If there is a door (read as wall that moves into the ceiling when I double tap it) separating me from an enemy, the enemy name still appears at the top of the screen even though I shouldn't know what enemy is on the other side of the door.

This only happens when the enemy is on one side of the door and I am directly on the other and the door is closed. (Which I'm not actually sure is suppose to happen considering most of the time an enemy opens a door when it's next to it...)


Problem: Clipping of inanimate objects on the floor.

Status: Always

If there is a pile of bones on a floor tile, and a door must be first opened before a player can actually move onto that tile, "free looking" will cause the door to clip the pile of bones so that only parts of it are displayed.

Where I encountered it?: Level 11--Crypt middle-ish portion of the map.


Problem: No indication of game being paused.

Status: Always

Pausing the game gives no visual indication that the game is indeed paused. (The only way you really know is that the music isn't playing, which is okay, providing that you have the sound turned on.)


Problem: Cannot scroll in merchant screen without buying something.

Status: Always

This is more a useability issue than a bug. Double tapping an item in the merchant screen makes you buy it. This is INCREDIBLY easy to do when trying to get the screen to scroll to more items.

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 Subject :Re:Doors and targets.. 05-06-2011 18:25:30 
Zombie Programmer
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You can double tap or touch-and-hold to target other creatures.  The basic idea behind how targeting works now is that if nothing is targeted, then performing an action will target a creature in range.  If a creature is targeted, it is assumed the player would want to keep that target.  When I implement creatures that run from the player, then having autotargeting switch may be undesirable.

I'll see if I can prevent targeting creatures through closed doors.

The clipping effect is common when mixing fixed geometry with sprites that always face the player.

I had a request from amazon to switch between Pause and Resume in the menu.  I'll also display the, "Tap to Resume" message on the screen too.

Perhaps I will disallow double tap buying for a short time after scrolling the shop inventory.  I think this might further prevent people accidentally buying items when scrolling.  I could also require a double-tap after select which effectively makes it take 3 taps to buy an item.

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