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 Subject :Any button press causes knockdown... 10-06-2011 22:13:16 
Joined: 04-06-2011 20:46:28
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DD v1.0.9

Any button press causes knockdown.

1. Get knocked down.

2. Pause game.

3. Unpause game.

4. Get up.

5. Any button press (movement, attack, etc) from here will cause the player to continually be knocked down (interestingly ones health will continually go up). No way to resume game

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 Subject :Re:Any button press causes knockdown... 12-06-2011 11:18:32 
Zombie Programmer
Joined: 14-06-2010 21:54:27
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Yeah, that one is on my list. I'll be sure to include it in today's update. I think you can save and quit and then load it back up to continue playing. It is an issue with game state.
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