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 Deadly Dungeons Forum :: Feature Requests
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 Subject :Fun Stuff.. 10-05-2011 17:45:05 
Zombie Programmer
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I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions on features that I could add to Deadly Dungeons to make things a bit more fun.

I have a couple ideas:

1. Locked Doors, Keys, and Door bashing - This would work much like Nethack's door system works.  You will be able to lock and unlock doors and bash them in.  Some doors will be locked, and you will need to use a key to open them (or bash them in).  Bashing doors in will alert monsters in the area.

2. Pick Axe - Yet another feature of Nethack.  This won't be a purchasable item.  Rather, you will find it in chests and from certain types of creatures.  These will have a limited number of uses, but a player can use them to dig through walls.

3. Bands of Creatures - Instead of only randomizing the placement of creatures, create bands of creatures and decorate around their area to fit their creature type.

4. Teleportation - First cast will set a marker.  Second cast will send you there.

6. Pets - Turn animals into pets.

7. Food - Heals a small amount of health.  Primarily used to tame pets.

8. Cage - Traps a creature and prevents movement and physical attacks.  Captured creatures can be killed or trained to use as pets.

9. Traps - Exploding traps, traps that cause a cave in, spike traps, lowering ceiling traps.

10. Remote switches - A skill whereby you connect a trap or door to a control.  This can be placed in a quickslot or dropped and used as a pressure plate.

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 Subject :Re:Fun Stuff.. 11-05-2011 21:03:06 
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1. Locked doors would be a plus. Would add more of a quest like feature to the game.

2. Pick axe another plus, maybe it could lead to secret areas.

3. Bands of creature, sure, more story to the game.

4. Sure, but as far as I see, the levels are not too large to warrant teleport

5. missssing

6. Pets, don't know about this, needs more thought

7. Food makes sense, adds variety, but not essential.

8. Sure, seems a bit much, though

9. Traps sound neat, are there graphics that resemble cave-ins?

10. This is a plus too, kind of like a the locked tools.

11. Maybe a spell system with ingredients... adds to new items.

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 Subject :Re:Fun Stuff.. 12-05-2011 05:39:49 
Zombie Programmer
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I think I'll add 1, 2, and 9 to start then. I think those would have the most value at this point. I'll be sure to have keys and trap kits too. I will display the traps on the minimap when the player is adjacent to them. That way, the player can detect and disarm them as long as they move cautiously.
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 Subject :Re:Fun Stuff.. 19-05-2011 20:38:06 
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I think you wanna mean "more complete", but not "more fun".


From your ideas:

1.- Nice one. Nethack is one of my favorites RL games. But i think that (key)locked doors should not be bash-able. Otherwise, it will not even be necessary to try to find the key. How about a bash failure chance, so we can loose some HP if we fail to bash it down.

2.- Good idea. How about random gold nuggets spawn from picking? Because picking down walls, right now is somehow useless. Or maybe change the dungeon generation algorithm so the level exit can lay behind a wall that we must find.

3.- Sounds pretty interesting, and nice for random extra challenge.

4.- Isn't this a bit overpowered? With this, the player is almost immortal or at lest, immune to ambushes. This  could be better if you implement it as consumable scrolls, not like castable spell.

5.- (you jumped from 4.- to 6.- ) :P

6, 7 & 8.- Looks pretty interesting too.

10.- At first sight, this sounds like a level remote switch to open doors. If i read well, are you talking about remotely detonated traps?


And some other self-made ideas :

A)  Enemy Traps: that harm the player if walk over them.

B) More decorative static/dynamic sprites: maybe even turnable, so low-end devices can increase framerate, and high-end devices can enjoy them. I mean with dynamic sprites those with animations, such as blinking torches, water fountains, agonizing "corpses"...

C) BumpMapping, Motion Blur, Real Time World Lightning and Shadows, Slow Motion movement,  destructable architecture, full featured and realistic physics engine, advanced AI with expert system engine, extra high resolution textures and music/sounds, hi-polycount 3D models: nah, just some simple ideas that could probably work on almost any Android device. ;-P

D)  About maps and hubs: as it seems, you're gonna implement a city map and different dungeons maps connected to that like a hub type map. Don't forget to implement a world map feature. I think it's a good idea.

E)  Online score submission: for permadeath type games, allow the player to upload the score achieved. This can be based in the amount of gold remaining, the amount of gold spent, the character level, num. of creatures killed, total amount of dungeons completed (this is, exit found and enter the next depth level), etc... This will give extra incentive to play with permadeth.

F) Portrait mode & Landscape mode. I play DD with an Archos70IT device, that is a 7'' widescreen. It's not bad to play in  Portrait orientation, but after some time playing, my hands feel tired, since i have to take the device by its lower part to control the game. In Landscape mode, the device looks liek less heavy, and more confortable to handle.

G) Free beer.


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