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 Subject :Insta-Gibbed.. 10-05-2011 19:53:52 
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When fighting a Worg, I get paralyzed and then I instantly get knocked down.  This happened numerous times.  Each time I had nearly full health.  The average Worg hit does next to nothing and I would out regenerate their damage.

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 Subject :Re:Insta-Gibbed.. 11-05-2011 03:14:42 
Zombie Programmer
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Yeah, it is a special attack and quite devestating the first time you meet up with them. Especially if you have low armor. There are some creatures that have special attacks that occur at a lower percentage. For example, there is a Hobgoblin type that will suicide bomb your character if he gets close to you. Some creatures are more difficult than others, and certain creatures need to be handled with care until you are a bit stronger. This is common for dungeon crawlers of this type.
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