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 Subject :Feature requests.... 13-05-2011 22:09:09 
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Considering purchasing, but I think I'll wait until it's a little more fleshed out. However, I do have a 10 hour plane trip ahead of me soon, maybe I'll grab it for that. =)

I've browsed the suggestions a bit, I'll throw my hat into the ring for a few of those as well as reference others.

1 "Get Up!" - Make a button that says "Tap Here!" or make it more self explanatory. I shook my phone, swiped my finger across the screen and then just quit the first time I died. Only after I saw your post about tapping the text did I figure it out. Possibly add a shake option to get up, making it harder the more times you drop?

2. Difficulties - Yes, please. I like how you explained it... Easy = XP loss, Normal = Reload, Hardcore = Permadeath. It would add tons of re-playability to the game.

3. Hi-Scores based on difficulty - It can just be a total xp count, but separate on difficulty and at least have it show character build/time played. Adds more re-playability, and challenges the player to do better. This would be a great way to introduce a network component (global high scores?) but before you do, do local and make sure no one can hack scores. That irks the hell out of me on Android games that have global rankings.

4. Statistics - Doesn't have to be that much more then what is tracked... Steps taken, Time in game, Monsters Killed, Melee/Range/Magic attacks used, potions drank. Would be epic if tied into high score, so if you clicked a ranked character, you could see the stats.

5. Save and Continue - Mentioned before, yes please.

6. Option to turn off "Swipe Freelook", also "Extend Viewpoint" - Being an old fan of Dungeon Hack and similar "square" based RPG's, I find myself occasionally moving my camera accidentily when activating doors, picking up items, targeting monsters, etc. I'd rather use the keys. Also, I'm using an HTC EVO 4G - my phone dances through the engine, it would be nice if I can see a square or two further in the first person perspective. Possibly make a slider so people can adjust how far ahead they can see?

7. A spell or skill to view monsters/items/chests on the major map - I love how you can move around with the map open, it might be a moot point if you impliment "Extend Viewpoint", but I find myself running around with the map open to make sure I cover all the areas of a level - sometimes running right by items/chests or getting hit. It does add a bit of realism though, thinking if you sprint through a dungeon with your head buried in a map, you don't see whats ahead of you...

8. Endless Mode - This or extend the dungeon, maybe tie it into the difficulty. (Easy=15 Floors, Normal = 30, Hardcore = Endless till death) I'm a little disappointed in the current length of the game, and I don't want to hit dlvl14 and give up on my character. This would make the purchase decision for me.

9. Extend the universe - This is somewhat broad, so I'll touch on a few things here. Traps would be nice, a stat or skill to detect them even better with that. Guilds for specialization (Sword, Axe, Def, Range, Regen, Fire, Ice, Lit) appearing in the dungeon, possibly with a task that needs to be completed to gain admittance for a few skill points or gear. I'd like to say more stats as well, possibly some hidden we don't see on character generation that would appear on the high-score entry... like Treasure Finding (Increases %), Reflex (Increases Dodge), etc. I do like the simplicity of it now, but in a point of adding traps, I'd prefer to have some way to combat them ahead of time then simply walking into them. If you haven't seen it, check out "Alternate Reality: The City" and "The Dungeon" series - they did this fantastically with the character generation, world, expansion, and hidden stats. It's also a bit more complex in combat, but it's better to focus on polishing the game before going that far. More monsters, even palette swaps with different names would be great too - and help to extend the depth you can generate.

10. UI: Monster lore, Glowing magic items, Detection - Love the first two ideas mentioned, how about a red ! in the corner when your detected by a monster and being chased? A little metal gear solid, but if you ever increase detection range, or viewpoint, or add some sort of sneak separate or in with agility, it would be nice to know when your in danger.

I've thought of a few more, but they escape me right now - my biggest concern is extending the campaign, high scores and difficulity. Having a Hardcore character that makes it to the current end that I can't show off after I finish (or die) kinda takes the fun out of it. =)

Thanks for the game and keep up the great work!

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 Subject :Re:Feature requests.... 07-06-2011 18:49:13 
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Definitely agree with point 5. Having to Save and quit, then reload again takes too long. In fact the ability to auto save your progress at key points in the dungeons would be useful. Being able to move the entire game to memory card. A game manual in PDF form would be a helpful guide to treasure creatures and controls. Option to lock the look viewpoint just to the compass points like Eye of the Beholder.
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