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Welcome   by codezombie on 05-07-2010 01:55:58
 Subject :17-May-2011 update release = amazing.. 19-05-2011 20:03:49 
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Sir, you are now my new hero.


I have been keeping an eye into this great piece of software since its release, and have just read the news of 17-may-2011 and the next incoming features looks so promising.


Just thank the devel "team" for this fantastic game that makes our portable devices a place full of fun. :P

Keep your good work, mate. :-)

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 Subject :Re:17-May-2011 update release = amazing.. 21-05-2011 08:44:33 
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I have been enjoying the lite version so I went ahead and d/l the full version and look forward to the additions being made. Also, Keep up the great work!
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 Subject :Re:17-May-2011 update release = amazing.. 10-06-2011 16:23:04 
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I actually came here to make my laundry list of suggestions, but then saw the update and realized that they were all moot, yippie! Mark one more player who is upgrading from demo to full due to the upcoming changes/expansion. Thanks for all the hard work, and of course, for creating such and entertaining game.
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