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 Subject :Menu Button Bug + Art sugestion.. 24-01-2011 04:25:27 
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Okay so far I played the first two levels, and made sure the basics worked as combat, inventory, and damage radicals (if mobs hit from behind or side).

I can tell you the gamework is working fine, besides the semi-lagg from free view on Android 2.3.1.

Only thing that bothers me is the Menu options that do not work in the intro film (it also appears in game, I am guessing it is a quick teleport to rooms (levels) but doesnt seem to do anything)

Menu Button Bug

and I have a suggestion to a picture, now I know its picky, but to me the first thing I thought was two people were falling down, as the words only said one. I just wanted to add my personal input.

Art Suggestion

I will continue the game until I reach a certain end, or a crash happens and I start it all over haha :)

but so far, loving it more than most games on the market.


Good job~

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 Subject :Re:Menu Button Bug + Art sugestion.. 24-01-2011 10:53:40 
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The 'One', 'Two', 'Three', buttons are placeholders for options to go back to the menu, save, and save and quit.  I may abandon those for in game options though.  Some Android devices don't have a menu button.

The guy at the bottom of the image is grabbing onto the side I think.  He must have climbed out. :D

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 Subject :Re:Menu Button Bug + Art sugestion.. 01-02-2011 14:23:13 
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Already submitted via e-mail: The first picture (of all 4 warriors) is re-used when it talks later about them moving with “weapons in hand”. It would look better to have a different picture the second time, maybe with the warriors getting ready for battle, rather than repeating the initial picture of the sequence. It just feels out of place as none of the other pictures repeat.
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