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 Subject :Request.. 24-01-2011 17:59:38 
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So far so good on the DroidX.

Requesting a button to auto turn player to nearest attacking enemy.

Also maybe a way to move the attack buttons.



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 Subject :Re:Request.. 28-01-2011 15:58:55 
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+1 this request... Even when surrounded, take more damage trying to turn towards the next opponent than anything else.
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 Subject :Re:Request.. 31-03-2011 15:44:25 
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back step if not surrounded works well, gives you time to re act and also return fire / melee attack, hit and run works well, gives you time you need to keep hitting while your at a lower exp. changed to a few different weapons to see what works best in each type of fights, short swords & shields seems to work best when surrounded, with larger weapons taking you longer to use plus giving you more damage to yourself while re charging, so maybe a quick slot change button for weapons etc? or just a quick grab from the inventory like i do.

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